Health is a harmonious balance of all the elements

  At Earth Healthcare, we strive to facilitate an experience for people to form balanced, healthy lifestyles. Our goal is to fully support people on their journey to enjoying health and wellness.


Mind. Body. Medicine.

 At Earth Healthcare we believe the only way to thoroughly treat dis-ease is by discovering its root cause. We strongly consider your current emotional and stress factors, as this is always a key factor in how are body's response systems display dis-ease.

By utilizing state of the art technology along with diagnostic testing, we are able to understand your body holistically. Once we see the results, we devise a comprehensive treatment plan that can consist of various types of treatments. The best part of our program is that some or all of our services we offer can be covered by your primary health insurance.


Our network consists of primary care doctors and practitioners as well as health coaches. Our approach to medicine is unique and necessary, as it allows people to be empowered and self heal. We believe living a healthy balanced lifestyle is relevant and important to the balance of the Earth. Utilizing plant medicine along side DNA testing we feel we can help people live and feel better. When we ourselves are happy, healthy and balanced perhaps nature will be too.


What's next?

Become a Member. Our annual membership gives you the opportunity to have access to your holistic healthcare needs all year long. You will have on call health coaching, unlimited access to our network of exclusive physicians and providers. Earth Healthcare's personalized medical care can cost $10k+ at a high-end concierge doctor.

We make this type of modern medicine affordable with our unique monthly membership.


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Want to learn more about our membership options?
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