Asha Kalka

Walking in her truth and light since 2006, Asha’s devote passion for healing and yoga has been shared with all spirits and beings encountered on her path. She grew up dancing and loves using the body as a healing art form. She was introduced to yoga as a physical therapy after suffering a back injury at the age of 17. Her ability to connect the mind, body, and spirit by utilizing conscious breath and movement guides students into their deepest realms of the Divine. By surrendering to her highest-self she is able to guide others on the path of healing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. She has taught an integrative blend of restorative, hatha, and vinyasa flow classes since 2009. In 2010, she completed 500 hours at YogaWorks in Costa Mesa, California with mentors Kim Haegele, Kori Strobl, and Paul DaSilva. Looking to deepen her practice, Asha traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in 2012 where she shared her frequencies with the international communities. Following her intuition, Asha’s embrace of her talents and skills continually have grown to include Reiki, 432hz sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls, and guided meditation. Experience the journey of reconnecting with your truest-self as Asha awakens Prana Shakti to guide you into the beyond of peace, love, surrender and well being.