Elements Holistic consulting expertise assist you better in understanding managing your own practice efficiently and effectively. We show you how to increase your annual gross income exponentially, create passive income, and maximum your reimbursements. Having problems with timely reimbursements? Let us handle your billing.  

Our specialty is to consult practices on expansion, advertising, branding and developments, social media and much, much more. .


Practice Management Consulting

Sessions can range from advice on implementing software systems for automatic billing and scheduling. Sharing intellectual data on creating unique fee schedules for maximizing billing reimbursements. 


Branding and Development

Creating a unique logo and website will brand your practice. This will set your practice apart from the rest. Today branding makes or breaks a company. These sessions also include how to incorporate social media marketing and advertising to promote your practice for a constant influx of patients.



Elements Holistic knows all of trade secrets of the insurance business, and works closely with the most efficient collectors in the business. Let us show you how to collect all of your AR in a timely manner. You can accept insurance for your services and we will show you how.