Medical Cannibas Consulting

Medical Cannabis Consulting


It is no secret that cannabis is more of a scientific nature then a recreational nature. It is plant medicine derived from the earth and has been scientifically proven to aid in curing illnesses ranging from more serious conditions such as Cancer and Parkinsons to everyday common stressors such as Anxiety and Sleep deprivation. It has been proven to be more effective than traditional western medical treatments on many occasions. The issue is not if it is the better choice in treatment it is what strain and products do we use. When it comes to CBD (the medicinal component of the plant) there are so many different strains to chose from and they all react differently to our bodies natural way of healing. This is why Medical Cannabis Consulting is so important. Anyone can get a script for a license if they need to, unfortunately the way the dispensaries are set up, there is usually no one to guide you to what or how to use it. Not only that, the strains that are being sold commonly say they are a specific type of CBD and yet, if it is genetically screened, it will show it is a cross breed of another strain having no medical effects.

At Earth Healthcare we provide state of the art genetic testing which allows us to effectively screen your DNA and match it with the CBD strain and product to allow for the most benefits swiftly. Our Physician, Dr. Lawrence and Lead Cannabis Consultant Len May, will guide you every step of the way through out your healing journey.