Meditation is an ancient therapeutic practice that calms the mind and slows brainwave activity. In a meditative state, the mind is at a state of rest and devoid of outside thoughts and interference. Although outside interferences may be nearby, they are not allowed to take over the cognitive process of the mind.

As a therapeutic model, meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a highly efficient and effective way to reduce stress and manage pain. Although there are hundreds of techniques and models, we use a particular type of pranayam and asana Meditation Therapy called Kundalini. We have found that this means of meditation is the most medicinally oriented.  The principal of Kundalini Meditation Therapy is that the mind is inadvertently clearing subconscious imprints from our childhood that we carry with us into adulthood.  During Kundalini Meditation, we focus on keeping our body and hands in certain postures to clear patterns of negative thought. We primarily use ancient sound and controlled breath cues for a prolonged duration which can initially be quite challenging, but is incredibly powerful in implementing positive change in the mind and body.

The primary objective in meditative therapy is to induce the mind into an Alpha (resting) or Theta (relaxing) brainwave state. In this state the brain’s rhythm is slowed appreciably, and antibodies and natural painkillers called endorphins are released into the system. Other changes occur as well including: slowed metabolism, slower heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and a slower breathing rate.


30 minute Breathwork $59

45 minute Meditation Therapy $79

60 minute Metaphysical Counseling and Meditation Therapy $99

90 minute Metaphysical Counseling and Meditation Therapy $159