Metaphysical Counseling


Metaphysical Counseling is used to help overcome personal obstacles, make important decisions, put pain from physical ailments and disease into perspective, as well as cope with grief.  In general, the sessions assist in determining the root cause of psychological or physical issues so that a person can heal it and move on.

In a session, the first 30 minutes will be spent in discussion and creating affirmative thought patterns regarding the issue. The second half will be spent in a specialized meditation. Meditations can range from guided, to utilizing breath techniques, to chanting, depending on the person's individual needs. They can include variations that call for simplistic hand and arm positioning, to more comprehensive variations that include full body postures. All sessions are specially curated to efficiently create a quick resolution.


60 min Metaphysical Counseling $159

90 min Metaphysical Counseling with Meditation $195