We have found at Earth Healthcare that many of our non physician practitioner modalities are more effective and promising at healing chronic illness then Western medicine protocols.
By law we must disclose that some of our staff are not licensed physicians although they are working in a medical oriented establishment.
The treatments that are performed are alternative and complementary healing arts services certified or licensed by the state.
The services to be provided may or may not be licensed by the state.
Please note that Yoga therapy, Sound therapy, and Pilates therapy are currently the only services to be provided that are not state licensed.
The practitioner will inform you of the theory of treatment upon which the services are based. If you wish to know his or her educational training, experience, and other qualifications regarding the services to be provided, please locate this information in our Mind Body Software System under the specified practitioner.
This will stand as a written acknowledgement that you have been provided with the information described in these paragraphs. You will also be provided with a copy, at your request, of this written acknowledgement.