When you walk into Elements Holistic it is like entering a zen place with nothing but good energy all around. The staff is friendly, appointments start on time and the services are Grade A. I enjoy the yoga and meditation with Nicole. Along with that I love they can accept most insurances, which helps a lot financially. If you are looking for your one stop shop for massage, yoga meditation and/or accupuncture this is the place to be!
— Jade H.
love this place and with 2 standing weekly appointments, I’ve come to know the practitioners really well! I have been getting acupuncture treatments with Cara for over a year now. She is incredibly good at what she does- kind, gentle, incredibly knowledgeable, and you can tell she truly cares about her patients! She has treated me for a herniated disc, hip bursitis, menstrual cramps, neck sprain, and any other ache or pain I could think of! Her treatments are so relaxing and I feel like a new person after each session.

I really didn’t think it could any better... enter Nicole! I started seeing Nicole for weekly massage appointments about three months ago when she and Cara joined forces. I’m a self-admitted massage elitist and have had hundreds (really) at various spas and med centers around town. Nicole seriously has some of the best hands I have ever experienced! She is so sweet and somehow her gentle technique gets the toughest knots out every time. She is currently helping me through injuries from a car accident and I really can’t imagine where I’d be without her care.

Cara and Nicole really have created an incredible place for healing. And, they take insurance!
— Calynn C.
Cara has changed my life - literally. She helps me manage my pain. But it’s more than that. She is so calm, so lovely and her place is gorgeous. The energy in that office sets me at ease. There is no question that Cara knows her stuff. But technique is never the only thing that heals. Cara really cares. She listens. She wants you to feel better. This isn’t just a job for her. She is invested in your health and well being. If you want freedom from pain and an amazing, healing experience, go to Cara.
— Leslie S.
I’ve received treatment from Cara for digestive issues, back pain, menstrual issues and more. She is a fantastic practitioner who balances her vast knowledge as an acupuncturist with an awareness of the scope of Western Medicine. She possesses a rare gift for healing that is grounded in reassuring common sense, which is incredibly important to me. Most often, her treatments effectively resolve whatever health concern I walk in with, and at the same time make me feel like I’ve had a soothing and stress relieving massage. I think she is wonderful diagnostician with laser focus who also understands the therapeutic benefit of good bedside manner. I would trust her judgement with any health issue knowing that she is well informed. All in all, I just feel really confident in her expertise and ability to help me address any issue I show up with.
— Kathy J.
I tried acupuncture for the 1st time with Cara and loved it! I always leave feeling so relaxed and more in tune with my body. She listens and responds to what I need right at that moment, I’ve never had the same treatment twice. Since I started going, I’ve recommended acupuncture to quite a few of my friend.
— Mackenzie H.
I had tried acupuncture before but I stayed away for a few years because of either a lack of understanding of what I was saying, or difficulty in finding a person who didn’t hurt me. I was experiencing numbness in my right hand and arm when I sleep, and I got a recommendation to try Cara so I thought I would try.

She was very professional and gave a very thorough consultation, so that put me at ease instead of saying yeah yeah yeah to every question I had (my previous experience).

I did feel some immediate relief, and did some follow-ups with her. I really enjoyed the cupping that she did at the end and my numbness has definitely decreased significantly to the point of almost being gone. This makes me very happy so I will continue to see Dr. Cara.
— Janet B.
I’d been told by many friends as of late to consider acupuncture for my particular ailment so I made an appointment here last week and Cara was my doctor. The biggest compliment I can give Cara is that she was extremely delicate and understanding of my initial hesitance with using acupuncture and really set my mind at ease (not to mention she’s very attractive!). I would and WILL see her regularly, and if you are someone who is curious but skeptical of acupuncture, I would highly recommend Cara over any other doctor for the simple fact that she understands human nature and patients very well and will make you instantly feel comfortable about the process the moment you first meet her, especially for a first time user of acupuncture. I can’t imagine there’s anyone better. A+
— Sterling A.
I have been going to Elements Holistic going on 3 months now, consistently twice per week for acupuncture with Cara Jolly and have added massage as well, with William Leahy.

From day one, I felt a really good energy there in their space. Cara’s work with my musculoskeletal issues, severe pain levels, back and neck is helping me a lot. My pain levels are improving, as is my mobility. The treatments help me on other levels too. I feel my chakras in balance and meridians open up after treatments. In other words, my body’s natural rhythm feels in place, giving me more energy, yet feel relaxed and calm at the same time. Cara is also working on me with TMJ points and stomach points, as I am healing, after a long battle with Colitis. All with great results.

I have also had some acupuncture treatments from John, who’s work is also excellent and I get great results with him.

Loving my treatments with massage therapist, William Leahy. He is very in tune with the body’s muscle mechanics, fachia, and his technique is very therapeutic and rejuvenating. He even taught me a great way to breath properly for maximum benefit.

I am very happy with the progress I’m making with my treatments at Elements Holistic through Cara, John and William.

I have begun sleeping well too! My sleep issues were awful when I first came here and now I’m sleeping deep. No more tossing/turning. Waking up rested.

The atmosphere is tranquil and soothing the moment you open the door. Aromatic mist in the air and meditation sounds of music take you away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy, busy streets. Your greeted by lovely, friendly staff who tend to you right away. They offer hot tea for you to drink in the relaxing lounge area before or after your treatments. Booking appointments has been easy and they have been quite accommodating with my schedule.

I highly recommend Cara Jolly and her amazing team at Elements Holistic. Book and stay consistent with it. That’s the key! It works!!

— Roxanna H.
I have been to a lot of acupuncturist and Cara is by far the best I have ever met. She really listens, takes your feelings and ailments into consideration before deciding the most effective course of treatment for you. Her treatments are super relaxing AND effective — I go about 3 times a week just to de-stress. With some other acupuncturists I used to feel restless on the bed, but Cara’s treatments are so good I’m able to go into a meditative state for the full hour. She is truly a healer and I can’t recommend her enough. She has improved my life substantially.
— Jessica B.
I’ve been seeing Cara for acupuncture for three months now, on a weekly basis. I’ve been to other acupuncturists before for a couple sessions at a time, but this is the first time I’ve stuck with it for longer than a few sessions and I’m so happy I did!

Pros of working with Cara:

- She is incredibly focused and present every single week. She listens closely. It bothers me when healthcare providers are distracted, rushed, or make light of issues their patients bring up, and Cara is so far from any of these, taking as much time as is needed to listen to me, my (many) questions, and what is going on that week in my life. I really appreciate this about her.

- Practically speaking, I feel SO much better than I did 3 months ago when I began seeing her. The only thing I’ve changed in my life in that time is starting acupuncture so I have to attribute it to this.

- Setup wise, she asks you about everything: the music, the temperature, the lighting, the needles. I love that she doesn’t assume anything about my preferences even after seeing me over 12 times now and is genuinely concerned with your being comfortable.

- A side note, but still nice: her office is peaceful, centrally located with free parking, and she’s stocked it with teas and really awesome books.

- She is a rad person! She knows a ton about so many areas of health/wellness, she’s nonjudgmental and kind, and is so easy and great to talk to. She also walks the walk - meaning everything she advises, she seems to apply in her own life too.

Cons of working with Cara:

None! Go see her:)
— Sonjia R.
Cara is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Every treatment is tailored to what I need, from acupuncture to cupping, to calming music. I always leave feeling better. I have recommended Cara to many friends and will continue to do so.
— Kayleigh R.
I started acupuncture with Cara several months ago, at first twice a week, then once a week and now every other week. I was dealing with anxiety and depression which was causing all kinds of physical issues. Cara is sweet, understanding and thorough. She really cares about you, not just as a client but as a patient. She takes her time, and listens.The acupuncture coupled with therapy, and meditation has turned me around! I am very thankful to have found Cara, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or family.
— Maria R.