Who We Are


At Elements Holistic we believe in a completely Integrative approach to medicine. We are a team of people who truly care about changing the face of western medicine. Our goal in our programs is to promote and instill the ability to allow people the opportunity to heal themselves, naturally. As far as we know, we are the first integrative wellness company recommending Cannabis products in our treatment plans. Our approach is as much unique as it is innovative. We strive to be an example for Integrative Wellness offices around the country. By the way, sustainable farming and preserving the earth is just as important to us as the natural medicine it provides. 



Connecting with People is Important to Us. 

Elements Holistic is a founding Member and Partner with I-AIM, The Institute for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine. I-AIM brings information and education to both the general public and the medical profession to enlighten both groups on what is available to them for treatment, management and healing of medical conditions and health problems. I-AIM offers printed information as well as classes, workshops, seminars and conferences for medical practitioners and the general public. I-AIM believes Continuing Education for medical doctors and integrative medical practitioners is essential for raising the standards of medical care everywhere in the world. I-AIM has developed online courses to teach up and coming integrative medical practitioners across the world how to use and implement Integrative medical techniques and medical approaches so that Integrative Medicine can be standardized for the benefit of all.


Unified by a love for Earth, and the people who live in it.

At Elements Holistic we believe in people and the Planet. Every 10 cents we make goes back to saving the planet. We use the proceeds to support sustainable hemp farming. Today we make 93% of our paper from trees. We use almost 40% of our forests for timber. This fills our water with nitrates, and that has terrible effects on the ecosystem.
   Cannabis Hemp can replace any of the products made from timber. No more forests would be needlessly wasted. All the paper we make from trees could be made better by using Cannabis Hemp.