What is Integrative Medicine?

What is Integrative Medicine?

Over the years we have become used to a number of terms which describe various types or aspects of medicine and healing: Western Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine, CAM (the combination of Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and if you had not yet heard, there is now a new descriptive term taking hold and coming into use, Integrative (sometimes also called Integrated) Medicine. Integrative Medicine can also be referred to as Integrative Prevention, Health, Wellness and Medicine. The truth is there are many definitions for Integrative Medicine and there is, as of right now, no single perfect definition, yet.

Integrative Medicine now opens up new multi-dimensional pathways to diagnosing and healing systems which can go far beyond the our current limited, but very helpful use of laboratory, x-ray and diagnostic testing alone. Integrative Medicine now offers many new approaches as well as a much clearer and broader understanding of why illness occurs, how illness is both effected by and how it effects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual that relate to the creation of an illness, whether an illness will be easily resolved or whether it will ultimately cause permanent and deadly damage to the affected individual. These very same aspects can now also be used to recognize, find, manage and heal illnesses.

Through using a more Integrative approach to prevention, management, treatment and healing, we can now begin a process of moving toward a health care and healing system which is based on preventing illness before it starts, dealing with it aggressively once it occurs and helping individuals to be able to use most, if not all, of the many inherent healing powers which are built into each and every one of us, Healing illness now becomes crucial for we see that if we do not either prevent or heal illness early it become a bigger problem later on. If we continue to continue to simply manage symptoms and allowing illness to progress from its early vague and undefined sensations and problems, into a state if acute illness we will continue as we do now to allow these very same illnesses to then progress over time, since we have neither cured, healed nor resolved them, into chronic illness. If the process is then still allowed to continue this then will eventually lead to temporary, partial, full and/or permanent disability, then ultimately predictably, it will end up leading to premature death and hence great losses that should never have been allowed happen.

Integrative Medicine and Western Medicine, Together and Separately

Integrative medicine is not about miracles, but they are encouraged. It is not about science, yet science is at it very bed rock and foundation of Integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is about understand that one size, on shape, one set of treatments, one method, or one limited approach, cannot and does not always allow maximum ability to heal and return to normality.

If illness was only about bacteria, viruses, injuries and genetic mutations then Western Medicine would reign supreme and would be getting much better overall results. We would have long ago solved the problem of chronic diseases and we would have one or more medications to heal every medical problem. But illness is about the person who is ill. It is about what went wrong with his or her immune system, in his or life, why his superior healing powers have failed him. Why her intelligence did not allow her to see and solve the problems that have been and still are undermining her immune system.

Illness is about many things and most illnesses cannot be fully resolved, healed and eliminated without a much better understanding the process of illness and why we get ill in the first place. Treating and healing illness is about why we get ill and how we have been designed to heal and why we are not doing this right now. Healing is about finding the exact right path for each individual who is ill and helping them learn what they need to learn, problem solve and find the exact reason for their illness whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and then resolving it and learning what it has been trying to tell you so that you can then learn, grow, find wisdom and in doing so allow yourself to evolve to your next highest level of being, person you were meant to be, your highest, healthiest and best Self.

N. Lenz