Genetic Testing and Formulations Explained

Earth Health care is proud to announce teaming up with Courtagen Life Sciences for our specialized genetic testing panels. We utilize the tests to determine the DNA of a human and match the DNA of the plant medicine for optimal healing.

How does it work?

We use the genetic testing to search for Mitochondrial disorders. These result from failures of the mitochondria, our cells’ power plants. When the mitochondria do not work properly, an energy crisis occurs—resulting in disease and disorder throughout the body. Since all organ systems are energy-dependent, any one is at risk for becoming dysfunctional in the setting of reduced energy.

The common panel we use tests genes associated with metabolism, physiological function, and neurologic issues which are factors in functional symptoms and disease. The test also includes a SNP analysis for common variants associated with biochemical pathways. We provide the test in a saliva test kit shipped directly from the lab to your home. 


Once we receive the results from the lab, we will call you to discuss your unique protocol. Our doctor Allen Lawrence and our cannabis specialist have developed a protocol for the most major illness and disease any one person can accumulate. Within these modules, the specialist and the doctor will give you the exact formulations and guide you to the Cannabis product that is going to be the most optimal recommendation in your healing process.'

If you would like to learn more about our genetic testing and specialized cannabis formulations, please schedule a free consultation or an initial consultation with our doctor.