Is Stress Burning You Out?

Is Stress Burning You Out?

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, whether we're out in the world or simply home surfing the internet or watching the news. With environmental changes affecting our health, juggling responsibilities with work and home, and keeping ourselves healthy with the right types of foods and supplements, stress or depression can affect anyone, at any age.  So, how can we combat or balance our stress so it doesn't get the best of us?  

Ir's a good idea to get in touch with what are those stressful situations for us.  Does work stress us out? Are we eating the wrong foods for our body type? Is our family a major stress factor, or are we in an unhealthy relationship?  Once we get in touch with our lifestyle and what may or may not be not working for us - we can customize our own formula of stress relief.

1.  Eat foods that are good for you and your body type

We all know the importance of the food we take into our bodies, the benefits of eating right and what happens when we eat something that doesn't digest well or causes an allergic reaction. It is also central to our exploration of blood types. Much like DNA testing, you share a common bond with your ancestors with what diet works for you.The genetic information that resulted in their characteristics is carried down your family blood line. Dr. D'Adamo, author of the bestselling books Eat Right for Your Type and Live Right for Your Type, has denoted a blueprint for living in his books. For example, the type O individual needs to avoid becoming over stressed by focusing on lean, organic meats, vegetables and fruits and avoid wheat and dairy which can be triggers for digestive and health issues in Type O. Additionally, he suggests that Type O's avoid caffeine and alcohol.

2.  Exercise to relieve excess stress

Whether it's swimming, yoga, Zumba or just plain walking, exercise is a healing force within the body.  Exercise builds muscle and bone, aids change the way your genes actually function, aides in mental, spiritual and physical health, actually aiding in the healing of every cell in our bodies. Exercising helps to balance hormones, strengthens clarity of mind, reduces inflammation in the body and improves our ability to concentrate with a clearer and cleaner mind and body.

3.  Elevate your immune system 

You can customize your immune system and overall health with supplements, proper sleep and the right medications for what ails you.  Here's where Genetic testing (DNA testing) comes in, so you actually know what is right for you without spending excess money by guessing or taking supplements that may not work or that actually harm your immune system.  DNA testing and blood work.  The test is used to discover your family genealogy and discover who you are related to, to identify organisms causing a disease, and to learn more about who you and where you have come from. When we discover more about ourselves, we can become our own detective and find out what works for us and what doesn't, we're empowered to get to the root of any illness we are prone to  and how to balance or combat it either before it reveals itself or to shorten it's havoc on our body.

4,  Electronics time out

All computers emit radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on many different frequencies. At low frequencies, external electric and magnetic fields induce small circulating currents within the body. There is no doubt that short-term exposure to very high levels of electromagnetic fields can be harmful to health. These EMF's come from your cell phone, your TV, microwaves, the Smart Meters outside of your home, and your computers.  Boosting your immune system can balance out the harm from EMFs, and so can become aware of options given to you by our health coaches that take your lifestyle and whole being into consideration.

5.  Engage in a meditation or yoga practice to calm our body and mind.

According to The Yoga  Journal, ( yoga builds muscle strength. Perfects your posture. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. Protects your spine. Betters your bone health. Increases your blood flow. Drains your lymph's and boosts your immunity.  Meditation quiets the mind and allows us to create a more focused and relaxed lifestyle.  Yoga and meditation create awareness and a calming of the mind and body, and along with more customized nutrition and a tune out from electronics -  we can create a more peaceful, healthy and beneficial lifestyle.